Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dissertation Writing Help or a Dissertation Writing Nightmare? huh?

Hello friends… how r u all? Actually I was just stuck in thinking what to do with my dissertation writing assignment. Since doing something is better than doing nothing, therefore i just decided to share my confusion or problem to u guys.. well... the problem is i have to submit my dissertation writing assignment for my graduate exams and i doubt but i must i am sure i won't be able to complete the 12000 word count effectively within 5 days... the reason is, i had to attend the wedding ceremony of my bro in my homeland (Malaysia). It ate all of my time... Now when I m back for studies, it is compulsory for me to continue my job or else i'd be outta credit! so there is only 5 days left to complete my dissertation assignment & it took 8 days for me to accumulate some scattered form of research .... now i feel it is impossible for me to organize that huge material into a 12000 original dissertation format in such a short span of time..

Moreover, the bad part of the story is that i would not have done my research if i did not consult one of the " dissertation writing help " online. Upon my customer-support they on the spot helped me decide my dissertation topic (FREE OF COST) and that topic lead me to move forward for dissertation research.. The topic is “How modern technology has increased the efficiency of the players and how can it further increase it?”... And now i m perplexed whether to go for their complete dissertation help as they have promised me to deliver my 100% original paper within 3 days on the said topic. Should I go for using their service since they have already satisfied me with the quality by providing me free dissertation topic and a sample?? Will it be right to use that customized dissertation assignment for my graduate exam if i go through it properly and comprehend it like a writer? that's all i wanna share wid u guys to lower by mental stress and anxiety! regards...

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