Monday, February 23, 2009

Dissertation Help

There are many thoughts that may come to your mind when you start with your dissertation. After all a dissertation leads you to your doctoral degree and you need help when writing a dissertation. This article will try to elaborate some steps that need to be taken when you start off with the thesis. The first thought that should come to your mind when starting with your dissertation is your area of interest. Selecting the topic is as important as trying to analyze whether the time and resources you spend on the study is going to help you in your career.

A dissertation is different from an essay. In writing an essay you can take help from the text books while for completing a dissertation help may not be available in the classroom texts. You need to scour through books, journal articles, attend conferences and collect papers. Help may also be taken from newspaper articles, government publications and online resources. Searching in an unsystematic way may not help you. The search should be very systematic and include information not available in the library catalogue. Online libraries are of help when it comes to searching information for your dissertation thesis. Online databases rather than search engines will give you quality content that you are looking for. In most cases you would need to use a membership to access these databases. Prior to investing money for access, check out the free resources that are available. This will give you an idea whether the database would indeed help you. You need to check out the database by searching the 'Resources by Subject'. The online tutorial or Helpsheet that is available should give you an idea of the resources that are available.

After all your efforts if you still find the information missing you can take help of an inter-library loan. Inter-library loan is beyond the scope of this article but let me inform you that such a facility is offered by your library. The services are offered at approximately $2 and the material that you request will be available in a few days to a couple of weeks.

There is one very important factor that you should be aware of when writing your thesis. Plagiarism or infringing copyrights is something that you should be aware of. There are some general rules that you need to take note of in order to escape plagiarism. Try not to use words as they have been used in lectures, web pages, books and articles. This amounts to copyright infringement and if your thesis is found to be copied by the plagiarism software, chances are you may have to edit a substantial section. Try not to use ideas of other people. This also amounts to plagiarism. You can however take ideas of other people and write it down in your own words not forgetting to mention it in the reference section or bibliography. The ideas mentioned above should help you to come up with a dissertation matching the expectations of your professors.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Dissertation is a thesis done by the graduate students on a specific field of study. The thesis is mostly done on individual research and is supervised by a mentor or advisor. However, the dissertation is considered a difficult part in the graduate school. The reasons are lack of clear guidelines and assistance.

The purpose of dissertation help is to get an in-depth understanding on the topic written upon. A thorough research is required for this along with good writing skills and structuring ability. The dissertation must have an introduction, followed by the body and concluded with the summary of the topic.

A dissertation has various scopes and variations. A doctorate dissertation will have a different level and will vary greatly from a graduate degree. The size of the dissertation also varies greatly. It will vary from the number of pages to words and is written in the primary language of the university. However, if the thesis is on a language, then it may be written in the language of the student's choice.

It is important to know that the dissertation takes place at the very end of the course, hence it starts when the student has completed all the portfolios of his course. The dissertation topic is decided only after research of previous dissertation topics and after consulting wit the advisor or mentor. The topic once decided needs to be completed in a specific time frame. However, the timeframe may vary from each individual course or degree. A graduate thesis will have a separate timeframe from the doctorate thesis.

The dissertation works have some parameters. It includes a title page, a content table and a bibliography at the end of the thesis. Also, can be included introductory page, abbreviations and acknowledgements.

Another important aspect of the dissertation is the topic itself. The choice of the topic is a major hurdle for any graduate or undergraduate student. The choice is important because the topic itself can evaluate the student's understanding, knowledge and maturity. At the same time, the topic must be interesting and captivating as the professors have to go through the rigors of hundreds of dissertation papers. A unique it simplistic topic will hold their attention.

The planning of the dissertation should begin as early as possible. This will help to gather as much information to complete a quality work. As mentioned earlier, the dissertation tests the analytical, research and writing skills of the candidate. At the same time it checks your time management skills. Challenges apart the dissertation is a great way to start your career. Manage the topic, the committee and the advisor and you can end up producing a classic dissertation paper.

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