Saturday, October 10, 2009

Case Study Dissertation Ideas

I am a marketing student and am doing a case study dissertation. How to do a case study on this? What would it consist of? Some case study for dissertation help ideas would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few of the responses I got from other forums. I would greatly appreciate if you can add to it.

1. How to stay ahead of Chinese industrial surveillance in the US.

2. I would confer with an Indian Company that produces 'Odor-free and sweat-evaporating' first-class socks. The product is absolutely top-notch as established by the users, and has been test marketed in India (and even in the US, though in insignificant numbers).

They need a plan to enter the US market economically, thru channel partners (distributors/ wholesalers).

If you can develop a good strategy for them, they may put it into practice, and give you a good Certificate, which could add value to your resume.

3. The courier industry, you have an interesting market in the UK with several verticals Domestic, international, sameday, B2B B2C.


4. Impact of advertising on sales. Case study-GAIL co. Ltd, manufacturing of aluminum products(utensils etc)

5. Have you had any experience working or studying with international students at your University? One possibility would be to do a case study on how to attract a specific group or type of international student to your University. Apart from being an interesting study, it could be of real value to your University (and others) should you be interested in making a career in this field afterwards. You may even find you receive a lot of support from academics, staff and students if you were to do your research in this area.

By choosing your own university dissertation, it should be easy enough to find out what its competitive strengths and weaknesses are in relation to other Universities within the higher education sector in your part of the world. From there, you could begin to put together a business development plan including a marketing strategy. A marketing plan would naturally include what student life and ways of living are like in your University and how to make it more appealing than other universities, as part of an overall strategy to attract international students (possibly at a minimum level of academic writing achievement, in a specific area of study, or program) to your University.

Questions could include:
? What is the overall size, characteristics and trends of the international student market internationally, within your country, and area you live?
? What criteria do international students use when when searching for a University?
How do they carry out their search?
? Is student life and ways of living an important criteria in helping them (and their parents) make a decision?
? What sort of academic programs, services, facilities or lifestyle factors would help sway a prospective student's choice?
? Who is the decision maker?
and so on.

My final year project is a company based case study. I will welcome any suggestions.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing A Custom Dissertation Proposal Online

Dissertation proposal is a document presenting a general outline of the work. Dissertation proposals are generally written as a report form and presented to the supervisor. The supervisor is to analyze your theses proposal and to give its impersonal and objective judgment and analysis.

The main dissertation idea is considered to be the main point of a dissertation. Various dissertations have to contain the important theses ideas, which would then make a good impression at the supervisor. Try making the dissertation ideas as simple as it is possible. Do not forget that your dissertation ideas have to be presented as a solution of a problem and not as a question.

Dissertation proposal is provided by students, before the submission of their dissertation.

The dissertation proposal assists student focus on their research objectives, clarify its significance and the need, describe the methods, predict problems and results, and decide alternatives and interventions. Writing dissertation proposal is not difficult if the proper format is followed.

While considering how to write a dissertation proposal, one should consider the following structure:

Abstract the abstract of dissertation proposal consists of several paragraphs which present a winning resume of the proposal;

Introduction it sets the framework for your proposed projects;

Literature review a brief but exact explanation of the sources for your dissertation proposal, outlining their importance for the work;

Key questions when you write dissertation help proposal, consider the key questions of your dissertation with answers that are not obvious;

Methodology a sufficient explanation of the methods you are going to use in the paper with the objective of answering the key questions;

Conclusions and implications of buy dissertation proposal help describe the results expected, your work's achievements" contribution to the field, the methods you have decided to use in order to ensure the validity and accuracy of the outcome.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guidelines For Dissertation Proposal:

Dissertation process is considered to be the hardest part of the whole process of dissertation writing. The students are considered to grasp the proposal topic, they are required to put in most of their studying hours in writing literature review with his or her, own view point on that subject, and then write the result. These guidelines can provide a proper pattern to follow with the necessary information to make this job easier.

One can find a variety of ideas regarding proposal length. A custom written proposal can be of 20 pages is it is addressing the important parts during preparation. But it can go a bit lengthier or a bit more concise. The important point is that your proposal should cover every important.
The introduction should consist of a short summary of the major questions which lies behind the research as well as it should consist of the context of questions. Write in such a way that the introduction should be able to deliver the understanding of what have you written or trying to say with the help of your research and writing.
Statement of problem:
Your research needs to describe the in-depth issues along with the background of a particular context.
Literature review:
This portion should address research scope and research findings. Regardless of the presentation of proposal, focus on describing the review findings important for your custom research area.

Describe your planning here, the what, why and how factor should be answered here. Make sure to include all necessary details of the tactics and tools of your research by demonstrating the relation of it with your research paper.

It is basically a list of your sources from where you have taken the material, written with a proper format in whatever style of writing
Take your time: a dissertation proposal takes a lot of time to complete, topics has to be selected and information has to be gathered for the dissertation help proposal. Be sure to give yourself adequate time and follow a proper schedule while handling a dissertation proposal. In other way you will throw yourself in trouble and will create a mess and hassle around you. During writing a literature review be thorough as much as possible, and allow a broader prospective and better understanding of your topic of research.
Communication is a part which is of vital importance. Always maintain a contact with the members of the committee and being in contact with them will help you in the process of dissertation writing. Keep them informed of any amendments you have decided to make. Take advices and suggestions and welcome constructive criticism from the seniors or instructors. It is beneficial to ask for a sample piece from the instructor, a sample can be very helpful in preparing a dissertation, and if found on the same subject, it would be a pleasant experience for the students who are writing independently.

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