Thursday, July 7, 2011

Online UK Dissertation Proposal Writing Help

Many believe writing the UK dissertation proposal to be the toughest part of the whole dissertation process. On the other hand, the building of the dissertation plan is not linear. It is common to work on a plan for numerous months, and to write 15-20 drafts. In general, I think that proposals must be in the 5000 words range. It is recommended that a dissertation plan must have the following parts:

  I.    Introduction
Summary of the larger puzzles and issues
Locating your work in a larger issue
Main research question

II.    Problem Statement
What is the issue?
What are the specific questions?
What is the context and background?
Why does this matter?

III.    Conceptual Framework
How do you look at this puzzle?
What is the theoretical framework (what is this a case of?)?
What are the key constructs?
What are specific terms you are using and how do you define them?
Model of what you think is going on

IV.    Methods
What do you plan to do and why?
How do this link to the questions and the CF?

V.    Bibliography
Make a list of all your source materials, making sure to properly format them in whatever academic style is required.   

VI.    Appendices
Survey drafts
Pilot data