Thursday, July 2, 2009

Choosing A Ph.D. Dissertation Topic

One of the most important manuscripts you will ever write is the dissertation help you create for your Doctoral degree. This document is the final required step in obtaining the Doctor of Philosophy degree that caps your educational achievement and establishes you in your field of expertise. Choosing an exciting and successful topic for that dissertation is of vital importance.

You will be spending months, if not years, on the research and writing of your Doctoral Dissertation so you should make sure your topic is one that has a particular personal fascination. Having a topic chosen for you or picking one that you think your reviewers would want can cause long term problems during this process. With the massive amounts of time you will be investing, if the topic bores you, it can cause a loss of focus and many mentally anguishing hours.

It is still a good idea to get your advisor's opinions and suggestions. They may help you pinpoint a precise direction and offer useful suggestions to make your dissertation an enjoyable read for all concerned.

Your doctoral dissertation should become your first good introduction to your specialty or niche. Research what has already been done in your field and look for ways to expand upon it. Finding a unique area to build upon can sometimes give you a head start in finding a job in your career choice. The established professionals will be able to view your dissertation and determine with greater accuracy your level of understanding and achievement.

It will help keep you focused and invigorated if you already have some expertise in the field you will be doing your research in. While picking up a topic that will require one hundred percent new research can expand your knowledge, the Ph. D. dissertation still needs to be completed within the time frame of your educational involvement. Finishing the Ph. D. dissertation will require lots of time and any you can save this way will help in the long run.

Using a topic that you have already laid groundwork for in your regular classwork can offer a jump start on choosing the topic of your Ph.D. dissertation. It is likely that some area you have studied did not answer all you wanted to know in your dissertation research you may be able to discover those answers and add to the total knowledge of your field.

Make sure to focus your work narrowly enough that it does not become unwieldy. You are getting the degree to find a career so you will not want to have to spend years on your dissertation research. So long as you have covered your topic comprehensively, potential employers will be able to see the merits of utilizing you as a resource.

It is not always a good thing to do your dissertation on controversial topics. While work on such topics is necessary, your dissertation is supposed to present your talents. It will be under review by other people and there is always a possibility of bias against you if it is a "hot button" topic for one of your reviewers. There will be time after you have your degree to discover how to change the way the world thinks about some topics. Your job with the topic of your doctoral dissertation is to convince them to let you do it.

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