Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dissertation Writing – the Rules to Follow!

Thesis writing is backbreaking work. It demands a massive amount of the writer's research and composition efforts. Then again, in addition to the academic expertise, this form of schoolwork also needs certain virtues to function and end efficiently. Without such values, all supposed skills fly out the window.

When you start writing a dissertation help, keep in mind that your thesis or dissertation topic should address an unresolved problem or knowledge gap in your subject area that needs to be explored and that concerns society as a whole. Your thesis or dissertation topic should be unique in that it should add something new to the existing literature. Simply digging up answers that already exist does nothing to contribute to an academic or professional field of knowledge. Simply put, a thesis or dissertation topic should be based on new knowledge and new solutions to existing problems—not on simply churning up old answers. However, conducting research on questions that have already been answered is considered part of the literature review and is a useful exercise to find out if someone has already conducted research on your proposed research topic. Make sure to find previous written articles on the related subjects and find how that dissertation writer make and structured his dissertation.

One of the initial building blocks to your huge writing project is to prepare a thesis statement: a sentence or paragraph that summarizes the argument you plan to make in your thesis/dissertation, as well as the supportive evidence you plan to use to back up that argument. In short, it provides a “road map” for the reader of where you plan to go with your thesis/dissertation.

When writing your dissertation, consider the following four virtues of dissertation writing that will make you write dissertation efficiently.




Detail Oriented

Although said virtues are unable to promise a flawless and problem-free thesis paper, it nevertheless assures a more livable and breathable working condition for the writer.

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