Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 Dissertation Help Secrets Revealed by a Professor Ensuring You Pass With First Class Honors

I bet most of you think of us (dissertation supervisors) as blood sucking vampires who force students
to do tons of research only to reject all your work and make you do it all over again. I have even been forced to make one of my students redo his whole dissertation on the final day of submission.

So the last things you want is the pin-point dissertation help from a dissertation advisor who made his student do his whole dissertation on the final day. That would be like asking the devil to lead you to the way of heaven.

Well, before you close this article let me tell you this. If you follow these dissertation writing help secrets you are bound to impress the socks of your dissertation advisor. We, the dissertation advisors are on your side and would like to provide you with the dissertation help whenever possible even though it seems that we seek pleasure by giving you dissertation torture.

So coming to the point lets get started with the secrets.

SECRET 1 # Start Researching Your Topic At Least 1 Month Before Taking Up A Dissertation.

You don’t need much help with dissertation if you know your topic well. I have seen many students just pick a topic randomly because they think it is easy, but then realizing very late that they misjudged a man eating witch for a beauty queen. Your dissertation topic should be such that you can get a lot of and I mean a lot of information. More complicated the topic less likely you will get any information and in addition you are also likely to become a pain for your dissertation mentor because you would be popping by every other day asking help for dissertation that even Einstein himself would have difficulty doing.

SECRET 2 # Set A Daily Routine For Research Work

“No problem mister Bentley. I will do every thing by the end of the week.”

Every student who comes for their dissertation writing help says more or less the same thing. They will do it later not now. Set aside only 1 hour daily for your dissertation research work. Most of my students leave every thing for the last day. That is why I get to hear the lame excuses like “I had to donate blood to a dying patient or I was helping out the poor in this cold”. I bet if students use the same creativity they use for their excuses daily for their dissertation’s sake they will never need to ask for dissertation writing help.

SECRET 3 # Treat Us Dissertation Advisors As Advisors, Not Your Secretaries Who Are Going To Do The Whole Dissertation For You!

Nearly every student will come to the advisor hoping he would be a spectator and the advisor would complete the dissertation for him. Remember this, the dissertation advisor is there to only advise and provide you with dissertation help. Not do your dissertation for you. Follow our advice and guidelines. We know what we are doing. After all if you succeed we won’t have to deal with you again the next semester.

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