Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 Essential Tips for a Wonderful Thesis – Must Follow

Each and every student or a scholar has a desire to prepare a quality thesis or dissertation. Most of the students even after having a lot of hard work are not able to prepare a good thesis. Any student who wants to prepare a better thesis should follow and use these essential tips to make a thesis impressive.

1. Thesis must be divided into the different Sections and the Chapters. (A use of Sample thesis will be helpful)

2. It must be in the simple Language and correct grammar and should not have spelling or grammatical mistakes.

3. It should be rotating near the topic and should not contain the material which is not related with the topic or which is irrelevant.

4. It should be prepared under the supervision and the guidance of the supervisor.

5. It should be prepared by following a sample thesis (If available). You need a sample thesis because sometimes the supervisor or the guide is not available all the time or we are not able to discuss each and everything with the guide, there are so many things like Format of thesis, Wording, Chapters etc. can not be discussed with the guide so these type of things can be viewed from the sample thesis. There are so many websites which provide information and sample thesis as well. But the most current and the useful website according to me is Dissertation help because it not only provide a lot of information on preparing a thesis but also let the visitors to download a sample thesis with presentation.

6. Spelling and Grammar check should be made computerized.

7. It must be well designed and well composed of.

8. It must pass through by a proof reading before printing.

9. It must not get dirty or unclear.

10. After pritining it must be well bound. Generally the binding of thesis is costly but money should not be a factor because after the outer look only a person will like it to read in.

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