Monday, August 17, 2009

Online Thesis/dissertation Help

To help you out of your thesis/dissertation help woes, there are many online academic websites that provide proofreading and copy editing services. Although there are many such websites that are ready to assist you in completing your work, most of these charge exorbitant amounts for their services. Following are some important issues you need to be aware of before you hire any online thesis/dissertation proofreading help.

Plagiarism Issues
Plagiarism is something that you want to stay away from at all costs. There are many scamsters over the internet that claim to provide original work and simply provide you work that is either copy pasted from some other source or just plagiarized by rewriting or swapping lines and paragraphs. Plagiarizing is an offence. It is copyright violation, and most importantly, if your university finds you plagiarizing your paper you are in for big trouble.
So before you trust your college work with online thesis/dissertation proofreading, make sure that your paper is not being plagiarized. A good way to ensure this is by first asking for a sample done. Reviewing the sample will give you a good idea if the online thesis/dissertation proofreading team is capable of doing your work.
Another aspect to look out for is references. Ask for references before you commission your job and make a payment. Always, ask for references for whatever work is being submitted to you. With this you can assess the credibility of work done on your paper. There are also many online thesis/dissertation plagiarism detecting software. With these, you can easily detect if your work has been plagiarized.
Protect Your Paper
You don"��t want your paper to fall in to wrong hands. You don"��t want your paper to be published elsewhere online or sold to someone else. Have this specifically sorted out with your online thesis/dissertation proofreading helper. A good way to ascertain this is to have your paper completely approved by your research advisor before you make the final payment.
Most online thesis/dissertation proofreading websites will let you pay them online using credit cards or payment portals like PayPal. Also, most websites require an advance payment. A better way to make sure that your money is not swindled is to use escrow payment systems. With an escrow, you can make a payment only when you are satisfied with the work done on your college paper.

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