Thursday, December 25, 2008

5 Reasons You Need Your Academic Dissertation Proofread

You’re probably at the point now where you are finishing and finalising your work. You’ve done the research, toiled over your subject and thought many times why you were actually writing this massive piece for your university degree. When I was writing mine I just wanted to give up, it seemed like I had trees and trees of journal articles that I had to get through and really couldn’t remember what I had read and where. I had lots of other internet material too, as well as books and transcripts of my own research I had carried out. Getting to this point seemed so far away in the beginning and I know that it took so much energy to complete.

Finally, the writing, typing and reading is over and I bet you are truly exhausted from the whole ordeal – and if you’re not then you need to look and see if you actually worked hard enough on the sources, late nights and reading material. You want to go out and party at this point, but I bet you are thinking ‘oh dear, I only have a few days before my dissertation is due in – I need to proofread and bind it!’ Well, at this stage you should be going out and partying and not thinking about your dissertation at all, you should have someone else look over it, most probably a professional as you will be too close to your work, and you’ll also probably be sick of reading your own writing by now!

There are a few reasons you should consider at this point on why you should get someone else to proofread your dissertation:

1. A dissertation help is very important – your dissertation is the most important piece of writing in your degree, and may even be of your life – you’ve actually finished and need it to be quality work.

2. Your mind is full of information – no doubt you’ve just had a writing marathon to finish all the chapters in your work and you’re still thinking over theories and concepts. Your mind will pass over your work thinking what you know in your head is illustrated clearly to a reader – 9 times out of 10 it is not.

3. Your Lecturer/Professor advises proofreading – Academics know how confused a writer can become when they are re-reading over their own work and many recommend sourcing a proofreader to check your work for logical flow and meaning. After all, they don’t want to be confused when reading your paper now do they?

4. Two eyes are better than one – you’ve been reading your work over and over again, you’re brilliant at spotting your mistakes, but, have you ever had a friend read over your work and point out the errors that you didn’t catch? A second pair of eyes will always help.

5. You want a final check – you want to make sure the work you are submitting is quality and you will want it to be free from errors and silly mistakes. Having a professional take a look over your work means that your work will be crystal clear and say what you want it to.

You can submit your dissertation without it being checked by a professional, but should you take the risk as this paper could change your dissertation grade and your life.

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